Sustainable Mission

From the beginning our mission has been to create high quality fashion in the most sustainable and ethical way. We love and respect the ocean. For almost all functions on the North Sea, it is important that the water is clean and healthy. 


Ocean Cleanup

That's why 5% of our profit is donated to the non-profit organisation 'The Ocean Cleanup', which is the largest ocean cleanup in history. The Ocean Cleanup is developing and scaling technologies to rid the ocean of plastic.


Organic Cotton 

We exclusively use clothes from 100% OTS certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. OTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard label. The strictest certification for textiles made from organic fibres. Organic cotton is a natural, GMO-free fibre that uses less water than standard cotton. In addition, its production does not involve the use of chemicals (no fertilisers or pesticides) and encourages rotation of crops to keep soil healthier, more fertile and maintain humidity. Waste from the cotton ginning process is also recycled for the animal feed industry.