Zandvoort Surf Legend: Paul Jansen

Published on 27 September 2022 at 00:46

World Cup windsurfer Paul Jansen is a Zandvoort local who loves surfing and windsurfing. In 1978 he was one of the first surfers in the small village on the west coast in the Netherlands. In his art studio, we talk to him about his passion.


"I am not only a windsurfer, but also a surfer and I used to skateboard a lot in the old days. It started all in 1978. Back than I was skateboarder in the Coala skate team. We travelled all over the Netherlands and a few times a year we did demonstrations. When the halfpipe arrived in the Netherlands, I was the first to break his leg. After I also broke my arm in the halfpipe, I was done with it. So, I focused on windsurfing and surfing. Together with a friend I bought an eight-millimeter film and we watched it on the wall. That’s how we've learned how to surf, because nobody else knew how to do it. We were definitely one of the very first surfers in Zandvoort."

Biggest Success

"I was third place at the 'Windsurf World Cup Amateurs' at Lake Garda in Italy and winner of the 'Slalom Windsurf World Cup Amateurs' in Zandvoort. One time I won a trip to Hawaii at the 'Mistral Kailua Cup' at beach tent Tijn Akersloot/Zandvoort. I went to Hawaii a few times for the 'Pan Am Cup', which was the premier funboard event of its time. I also sailed a couple of international Eurofuncups and a few Word Cups in the Netherlands. This was all the beginning of the World Cup Circuit. But it was not about success, it was more about fun, life experience, getting to know new cultures and people; and of course, surfing in great conditions."

Best Tricks

"Honestly, I'm some years older now. I used to do a lot more tricks than what I am doing now. My trick box has become a bit smaller over the years. For me it's mainly about having fun, it's not so much about tricks anymore. What I still like to do is a nice ‘duck-jibe’ or riding a wave. I love the ‘donkey kick’ and have the intention to do the ‘back loop’ again. I could do it, but I can't do it anymore."

Best Place to Windsurf

Laughing: "Zandvoort of course! I really like Zandvoort. There are many beautiful places. Hawaii is an excellent place to do windsurfing; I've been there a few times. I absolutely love Kailua and highly recommend it. Maui is also special and I would like to go to South Africa one day, I've never been there."

Zandvoort Surf Conditions

"Zandvoort is very accessible. There is sand and there are no rocks, no corals, no dams and no piers. On the other hand we have currents here and that ensures that people have enough space and are not surfing in one place."

Philosophy of Life

"Live in the moment and enjoy! Every day is another one. You can have everything planned, but I really live in the moment."

Greatest Wealth

"My children. I have a daughter of 18 and a son of 15. They mean everything to me."


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