Zandvoort Surf Legend: René Reumerman:

Published on 30 August 2023 at 15:03

"Catch the beautiful moments!"

René Reumerman is a man who seeks depth in everything he does, whether it's his work or his hobbies. He was born in Haarlem in 1954, but grew up in Zandvoort, where he is now known as The Waterman. René has a lot to share. His passion for water sports is immense, and that is evident from his story.


René has been windsurfing since day one and engages in nearly all other water sports. For him, there is nothing more beautiful than doing water sports, and he is incredibly passionate about it. Work and studies constantly intertwined. He organized his life and work in a way that allowed him to be on the water as much as possible. And that's all he wanted.

What do you find on the water?

"You forget everything! If you rode a wave, you wondered how you did it. When you're immersed in the waves, you forget yourself. You're not mindfully engaged, but completely lost."

When did you start surfing?

"I started windsurfing in 1978 with Tim Klijn, Simon van der Staai, and Rob de Boer, near the Zandvoort beachclub Sandy Hill by the Circuit. Through my first contacts with these guys, I felt that windsurfing would be a lot of fun."

What sports do you practice?

"Windsurfing since 1978, surfing since 1992, kitesurfing around 2001, prone paddleboarding and stand-up paddling the last 10 years, 30 years of ice skating and the last six years short track speed skating. And a bit of (carving) skateboarding."


Karin Engels Fotographie

Foto: Karin Engels Fotografie

Which sport do you like the most?


Have you ever participated in competitions?

"On my prone paddleboard. I came in third in a race in Zandvoort, but I don't care about the result as long as I could come along." 

What do you consider the coolest move?

"A stylish off-the-lip or an aerial because they fit best with a wave. The most beautiful thing is to peel a wave on the inside, go down and then be sucked up, spat out by the lip and aligned with the wave. The acceleration doesn't come from your board but from being lifted by the wave. You're pulled by that sea and spat out by that wave. That's the most beautiful thing there is!"

How high is the highest wave you've ever ridden?

"During a heavy storm 30 years ago, with Tim Klijn and Ivo, it must have been about six to seven meters high."

What do you consider the most beautiful place?

"For surfing, Brittany (France), and for windsurfing, no doubt Zandvoort because of its four sandbanks and the timing required."

Where would you still like to windsurf or surf?

"Klitmuller, there you can do everything: windsurfing, surfing, and stand-up paddling."


René, The Waterman, is a passionate water sports enthusiast who can do it all, from windsurfing to surfing and stand-up paddling. But for René, it's not just about having fun. He believes it's important to be environmentally responsible, so he avoids flying. "We've already done enough damage," he says.


Foto: Karin Engels Fotografie

"You have to catch it because it's fleeting"

I meet René on a beautiful day on the coast of Zandvoort and ask him about his life philosophy. "You have to catch it, and I'm not talking about money but moments. Catching the beautiful moments with family. Being there when there are waves. You have to catch it because it's fleeting. Before you know it, you'll regret it. And if you catch it, you won't regret it," says René. When I ask about his greatest wealth, René answers without hesitation, "Being able to share your happiness with Ronja and Sandra, of course." It's clear that family is very important to René.

What should you know about the sea?

René provides a few tips: "The temperature in relation to your clothing. If you don't have proper protection, you'll die. Always wear a leash, even on calm waters with your paddleboard. Consider the currents, they're different everywhere. As a surfer, you don't have to worry about rip currents, but swimmers could potentially be affected."


Finally, René shares one more tip with us: "When you do a bottom turn, pretend you're going to jibe. The conviction you put into a jibe is what you want to see in your bottom turn. It's not the motivation in your mind, but the pull of the sea. And especially the waves."

René shows us that it's important to catch the beautiful moments in life and enjoy what you do. His passion for the sea and water sports is contagious, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. The sea can be stunning, but safety should always come first. René's enthusiasm and respect for nature are inspiring and remind us to appreciate and protect the beauty of the world around us.

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